“Dragon’s Cave” - A New Slot Bringing Fantasy To A Whole New Rewarding Level

Arrow's Edge, a pioneer in the online casino industry, invites you to journey into the virtual realm where fantasy and magic come alive. Welcome to the world of Dragon's Cave, a brand new 5 reel slot, packed with 9 pay lines full of action, adventure, magic, and even a fierce dragon.

About Dragon's Cave Slots

Arrow's Edge is no stranger to animated wonders, and "Dragon's Cave," is no exception. This sword and sorcery gem features the rugged hero Yar, who travels through this magical world, unearthing treasures along the way. As he journeys, another fearless warrior, Jaina and a Shaman, join him. "Dragon's Cave," features two bonus games, the Dragon's Breath which comes with sticky wilds, along with the sword bonus which puts your fierce and honed fighting skills to the ultimate test.

In addition to having lucrative free spins, "Dragon's Cave" also comes with a progressive jackpot. This brand new swashbuckling slot is also developed to play seamlessly on today's mobile devices and traditional computers. Arrow's Edge, a name synonymous with excellence in the online casino industry, forges another wonder with "Dragon's Cave."