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Arrow's Edge news page brings you everything you need to know about what's going on in the gaming world. Information is power! and our news page offers a wealth of useful Information about anything related to casinos that would be of use to players. Take your time, browse through the news items and learn more about the world of iGaming.

New Releases

There are so many good games being released regularly that it's hard to keep up with them all. Granted, not all of them will be of interest and not all will appeal to a player. That is a matter of preference and personal choice. Deciding on which game to play and wager your hard earned cash on cannot depend on the 'good looks' of the game alone! One needs to delve deeper, check the highest payouts, the wagering requirements of you are claiming a bonus, the choice of banking options and their security and safety of personal information and of course the casino where you will play that game. With a detailed examination of all the noteworthy games being released regularly, we bring you news about all the latest releases of quality. You can then make a more valued decision about which you would like to try out.

Special Promotions

There are always ongoing promotions and special offers throughout the year. However, the best times of the year for offers are Christmas and New Year, Summer, including 4th of July, Easter and Thanksgiving. Special offers seem to intensify during these peak times. We will keep you fully informed of all promotions of note out there, whenever and wherever they may be.

Developments in Banking Methods

Noteworthy news in the field of banking, specifically withdrawing and depositing money needs to be reported. Certain online casinos have started accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as depositing methods. This is newsworthy, especially if the casino is offering favorable terms and special offers.

Here is the (casino) News

The main news at online casinos has got to be the games; anything to do with them. New additions, releases and trends in gaming. Trends such as Live Casino games where players interact with dealers. These topics are useful for players to find out more about and inform themselves fully. This allows better decision making and a more pleasurable and secure Casino experience.

Hot Press

The Arrow's Edge team spend hours scouring all sources to bring you the latest hot press news. Recent news items include a piece about the new slot Pixiu, the best offers out there, the releases of Zimba and Friends Slots, Dodge City and Dragon's Cave Slots amongst others. A recent news item about world leaders and politics in relation to casino gambling, a detailed analyses of the new slot Dragon's Cave, the new Lilly's Pad slots review and much more.


Anything that we feel would be of interest to players like you, will be reported here. News items which are noteworthy for casino players. There is so much happening out there in the field of gambling, that bringing all the news together on one page will be extremely beneficial to casino players and a mission we intend to venture on long term. Enjoy the news and use the information to your benefit. Keep informed, keep up to date and you will have the edge over your peers.