Pixiu Slots

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bonus, progressive, video
Regional, Asian, Fantasy

A pixiu is a mythical Chinese creature that has the head of a dragon and the body of a lion. Pixiu slots honors this hybrid creature through a fun game that offers multiple bonuses and jackpots. You also get some traditional elements that many fans of Chinese slot enjoy. Let's continue discussing this game by looking at its atmosphere, betting, special features, and mobile play.

Quality Background, but Subpar Graphics

The first thing that stands out about Pixiu slots is the background, which features a temple, mountains, and waterfall. This all combines to offer a detailed backdrop that most players will appreciate.

While we like the background, the graphics as a whole aren't very good. Arrow's Edge is never been known for producing stellar 3D graphics. And nothing has changed in this game.

Pixiu has traditional Chinese music playing in the background. But this music sounds different than what we've heard in most Chinese online slots. That said, we give Arrow's Edge credit for originality here.

Symbols include the pixiu, green dragon, eagle, phoenix, emerald ring, gold coin, and letters. You get to see some nice animations with these symbols, including the eagle and phoenix flying, and the pixiu shooting out flames.

This 5-reel, 5-payline slot has an interesting setup where you increase levels based on 100-spin cycles. Pixiu has four levels in all, with each level containing 25 spins. The fourth level (spins 76-100) offers the largest prizes, giving you incentive to at least play this long.

Betting Options

Pixiu allows you to change paylines from 1-5 and coin size from $0.02 to $50. This creates a minimum bet of $0.02 and a max of $250.00 per spin. The low minimum wager ensures that most players can afford to play this game.

Another important option is autoplay, which lets you keep the reels spinning with your selected betting preferences. The autoplay button is the arrow to the left of the spin option. You can choose to autoplay anywhere from 5 to 50 spins.

Pixiu Slots Special Features - Pick Your Bonus & Big Jackpots

The best part of Pixiu is no doubt its bonuses and features. You can earn everything from a second-screen bonus round to big progressive jackpots.

The bonus round is triggered by landing three or more gold coins anywhere on the reels. You then have the option to choose whether you want to receive an immediate bonus prize, free spins, or play the second screen bonus.

The number of free spins depends upon what level you're at. You receive 10 free games in the first level (spins 1-25) and up to 25 free spins in the fourth level. That said, free games become more attractive as you advance up the levels.

If you select the bonus round, you'll be taken to a red-carpeted chamber. Here, you'll see the pixiu on the ground, with 4 gold coins and 4 jade coins above it.

You select these coins to hopefully reveal prizes that make the pixiu grow in size. The bonus round continues until you select a gold or jade coin that turns to stone.

Finally, you'll play for three progressive slots jackpots, including the Cash Grab, Mystery, and Super Slots prizes. The Cash Grab jackpot pays the most frequently and is usually worth between $2,000 and $5,000. The Mystery Jackpot must pay at exactly $10,000. The Super Slots jackpot is the largest and is currently worth over $43,000 of the time of this review.

Enjoy Pixiu on Your Smartphone or Tablet

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you'll definitely want to consider checking out Pixiu on your mobile device. This game is optimized for all major smartphone operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

In summary, Pixiu is a good slot for anybody who enjoys having multiple features and jackpots to look forward to. We really enjoy the second screen bonus, and it's also nice having the ability to win up to three jackpots on every single turn.

One drawback to this game is that the symbol graphics aren't as crisp as what you'll see in other modern online slots. But the graphics aren't so cringy to where you can't look pass them to enjoy everything else that Pixiu has to offer. This being said, we recommend you give this game a try through your smartphone, tablet, or computer (instant play).