Kate’s Waddle Slots

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video, 10-reel, progressive
Animals, Winter

Kate's Waddle slots takes you to the polar icecaps in search of three progressive jackpots and other big payouts. Penguins, orcas, polar bears, and other animals will help you in your quest to win big.

This game is characterized by a unique 10x10 reel setup, which creates lots of space for you to win prizes. Kate's Waddle also sees you form payouts through cluster pays. Keep reading to find out about these aspects and more in this review.

Collect Big Wins with Kate the Penguin and Her Friends

Kate's Waddle is named after a friendly penguin who serves as the bonus symbol. Other icons include a boat, igloo, orca, polar bear, seagull, ship, walrus, and another penguin (wild).

The goal is to land six or more of these icons in a cluster. The regular penguin (not Kate) will appear in a fair number of these clusters, given that it's the wild symbol. This penguin also pays the most, offering 2,500 coins for a cluster of 25+ icons.

Kate's Waddle is full of exciting possibilities due to the 10x10 format. The giant grid gives you 100 total spaces for which to land payouts.

We won't say that this is the most-graphically enhanced slot that we've ever played. But the graphics are good enough to tell what each of the symbols are.

Kate's Waddle Special Features - Free Spins & Jumping Orcas

Kate the Penguin triggers free spins whenever she appears 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 times anywhere on the reels. You can get the following number of free spins and reel formats, depending upon how many Kates trigger the bonus:

  • 5 symbols = 5 free spins & 5x5 grid
  • 6 symbols = 6 free spins & 6x6 grid
  • 7 symbols = 7 free spins & 7x7 grid
  • 8 symbols = 8 free spins & 8x8 grid
  • 9 symbols = 9 free spins & 9x9 grid

The reels will return to a 10x10 format after the bonus is finished. Also note that you'll receive an additional three free spins anytime that an orca jumps in front of the reels. The orcas randomly jump out every now and then during this bonus.

Play for 3 Progressive Jackpots

Kate's Waddle is connected to three progressive jackpots. These include the Cash Grab, Mystery Progressive, and Super Slots prizes. All three jackpots are triggered randomly, irrespective of your spin result.

The Cash Grab jackpot normally pays between $2,000 and $5,000. The Mystery Progressive prize automatically pays at $10,000. And the Super Slots jackpot hits at around the $50,000 mark on average.

Betting & Gameplay Options

This game feels like a 30-payline slot, because it requires a $0.30 minimum wager. You can turn the total wager up to $240, which is referred to as an $8.00 "bet level" in the game.

Autoplay allows you to spin the reels automatically with your preferred bet for between 5-100 spins. Speed lets you adjust the reels speed from "Normal" to "Fast."

Kate's Waddle Slots RTP & Volatility

Arrow's Edge, which produced Kate's Waddle, doesn't offer return to player (RTP) info for their slots. This leaves you in the dark as to your chances of winning.

We found the volatility to be average when playing this game. You don't win as much as you'd think when considering the 10x10 grid. But you will win enough to keep plenty of money coming back.

Kate's Waddle Slots is Worth a Visit to the Arctic Circle

The only downside to Kate's Waddle is that the graphics aren't great. Other than this, though, Kate's Waddle has enough features and originality to make it worth playing for a while.

The 10x10 grid gives you plenty of winning possibilities on any given spin. The cluster pays format is also a nice change from the traditional payline format seen in most online slots.

Kate's Waddle free spins are interesting too. The reel format and number of free games are based on how many Kate scatters you land. Jumping orcas add to the bonus by delivering more free spins.

Overall, Kate's Waddle is worth checking out if you enjoy unique slots. The 10x10 grid, cluster pays, and unique free spins combine to make Kate's Waddle a memorable game.