Alice in Dreamland Slots

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5-reel, video, progressive
Fantasy, Alice in Wonderland

Who needs Alice In Wonderland, when you can play "Alice In Dreamland," a new video slot title.

About Alice In Dreamland

From the famous pages of Lewis Carol's novel, to the world of the online casinos, comes "Alice In Dreamland." Developed by online casino giant, Arrow's Edge, "Alice In Dreamland," is truly a virtual wonderland, where players can relax, and play at ease with this 5 reel, video adventure, that comes with 243 different ways to make a winning combination, making this an unforgettable virtual stroll. Staying true to the legendary book, all the famous characters including the lovely Alice herself make an appearance in this game. Other characters making an appearance in this visual wonder, is the Mad Hatter himself, the caterpillar and The Cheshire Cat.

And while "Alice In Dreamland" is truly a dream of a slot, what's very real are the prizes and cash that can be won here. This slot features multiple wild symbols, fantastic winning multipliers as well as bunches of free spins. But not to be overlooked is the innovative bonus round that this game has to offer. For those who fell in love with Alice's world in the famed novel, prepare to fall in love all over again with the three part bonus. During this visually stunning bonus round, players will go along an interactive journey of some of the novel's famed aspects and places, as you rack up prizes and cash along the way.

Other bonuses include, The Drink Me Bonus, The Mushroom Bonus as well as The Croquet Bonus. Not to be overlooked in this new and improved Alice, are the free spins. The free spins range from 10, 20 to 30. Arrow's Edge finds its mark, yet again with "Alice In Dreamland" slots. This animated, video slot that takes us back to our childhood, also comes with a progressive jackpot that will hit as soon as it reaches $10,000.

Arrow's Edge, invites you to bring out the inner child in you yet again with "Alice In Dreamland," a video slot that continues to push the boundaries of imagination as well as giving you a chance to win prizes and cash, as only Arrow's Edge can. Whether in front of your computer, or right in the palm of your hand, "Alice In Dreamland," comes fully optimized for today's smart phone devices, including Android phones and tablets, Iphones, Ipads, and Windows devices.