The 1980's Live On With Arcade Fortunes Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Popular Games, 80s

When you think of the 1980's, alternative dress, MTV and video games quickly comes to mind. And while the decade of big hair, punk rock and so many other nostalgic moments has come and gone, Arrow's Edge is taking you down, the virtual lane with "Arcade Fortunes," a new slot title. "Arcade Fortunes," is a 5 reel, 18 pay line, piece of 1980's time capsule at its best. Its only fitting that the setting takes place in an 1980's arcade environment, complete with pinball machines, skateboards, walkmans and even bubble gum. The main characters are a young, teenage male, dressed in a school coat, jeans and sneakers, perfect for the time. With him, is a teenage woman, dressed like a punk rocker, complete with pink hair.

"Arcade Fortunes" features two progressive jackpots, exciting wild icons, a bevy of free spins and a bonus round. The bonus round consists of the bubble gum feature. This round is triggered, when the bubble gum icon lands on the fifth reel. When this happens, the gum will pop, and pieces will land on different reels, converting those symbols into wilds, giving you 3 re spins. The bonus game is triggered when three video game machines, land on a reel. There, players must choose between a Skee Ball Bonus that comes with 3 random prizes, or the Galaxy bonus that comes with only one random prize, that is of a high value.

As stated earlier, "Arcade Fortunes" comes with two progressive jackpots, on top of the normal game jackpot that sits at 2000 coins. The first progressive jackpot is the Mystery Jackpot which will hit as soon as it reaches $10,000. The second progressive jackpot is the Super Slots Jackpot that's worth at least $40,000 up to $45,000. "Arcade Fortunes," also comes with a Double Up mini bonus. After landing a winning combination, players will have the opportunity to double their winnings. To achieve this, players will play a mini game using a crane to pick up a toy. If successful, your winnings are doubled, and even better, you have another chance to keep on doubling up your winnings, up to $25,000. But if you should fail, then you forfeit your winnings.

Arrow's Edge finds its mark yet again with "Arcade Fortunes," a slot title that brings back the fun, and the flair of the 1980's right on your computer screen, or right in the palm of your hand, with your mobile device of choice.