Who Says Politics Doesn’t Play? “World Leaders” Begs To Differ

Arrow's Edge, a pioneer in the online casino industry, presents World Leaders, a new slot that proves both that big money is in politics and that politics does pay. This animated, 5 reel slot comes with 18 diplomatic pay lines. An interesting aspect of this game are the three wild symbols represented by the eagle for the United States, the bear for Russia, and the crown for the United Kingdom. It's also important to note that each one of these wilds, offers their own unique bonus.

And as people head out to vote in hopes that their candidate wins, "World Leaders" is determined to make all their players winners. After every 25 free spins, one of the wilds will become activated when the globes finishes spinning, and landing on one of the aforementioned three countries. Unlike traditional bonus rounds for other games, the bonus round in this game features 12 hot line phones along with 4 leaders. The prizes and cash are determined by which leader is called.

"World Leaders," also comes with three progressive jackpots. The first jackpot is the Super Slots, and it ranges between $40,000 to $45,000. The second jackpot is the Cash Grab Jackpot and it ranges between $2,000 to $5,000. The third jackpot hits when it reaches $10,000. Regardless of your political affiliation, "World Leaders" is a new slot powered by Arrow's Edge, where it pays to keep up with politics.