Top Dog Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Dogs, Animals

Who doesn't dream about being the top dog? Certainly not Arrow's Edge, a pioneer in the online gambling world who has developed another slot gem, "Top Dog Slots."

About Top Dog Slots

Top Dog Slots is a five reel, video slot with 25 charming pay lines, dedicated to dog lovers. The setting takes place in a top of the line, dog show, with Bull Dogs, beautiful Labradors, Poodles and other breeds of dogs. The aim is to outdo the competition to the tune of 8,000 times, winning multiplier, the top jackpot during regular game play. The symbols in this game are fittingly, the different breeds of dogs. The bull dog represents the wild symbol, and will replace the other dog icons, and will complete winning combinations.

Its important to note that the bull dogs will only land in the middle reels, along with their owner and winning ribbon. The Labrador represents the scatter symbol. Together with their female owner, these lovable, loyal dogs can land anywhere, and if you should land three of them, the free spins round will commence. Landing three labs also results in a 5x winning multiplier. Landing only two, doubles winning combinations, four labs nets a 20x winning multiplier, and if you land five of a kind, you get a whopping 100x multiplier on your original bet, constituting the second highest winning amount in the game.

The highest amount of 8,000 times the original wager, comes from landing five of the black dogs on a single pay line. Poodles also pay well. Five of a kind of either the poodles with the blue background or the ones with pink on a single pay line, results in 1,000 times multiplier. Not far behind, are the three other womens with their dogs, and the dark dogs with a trophy. Landing five of either of these icons is good for a 500 times the original bet placed. Other symbols in "Top Dog Slots" are the playing card numbers, aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens and nines, all of which pay handsomely as well.

Ready to join the competition? "Top Dog Slots" lets its players either place their bets manually or setup in a sequence through auto play. It only takes a quarter to enter your virtual dog in this pageantry. The maximum amount per spin is $225 for all the reels. "Top Dog Slots" is fully optimized for mobile smart devices and can be played at several online casinos, and features a progressive jackpot that can be won at random.