License to Spin Slots

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3-reel, video, progressive
Adventure, Espionage

Slot games come in all styles but many games revolve around Egyptian themes, classic casino themes, bank robber themes, but License to Spin slots takes the slot game into a new and unique direction with a spy themed slot game. This game is drop dead beautiful and its theme perfectly brings you into the murky depths of the world of espionage. The symbols are cartoonish but it works perfectly with the backdrop, you'll find on the reels spades, clubs, diamonds, hearts, a woman, a boat, a British spy, a second spy, a villain with glasses, a villain with an eye-patch, a yacht, and of course, a martini! This action packed slot is a 3 reel 3 payline video slot by Arrow's Edge that features a great bonus round and some of the highest coin sizes you'll find in the world of online slots.

Highroller's Delight

License to Spin Slots is not for the penny pushers or the nickel nudgers, but it's perfect for the moderate player to highrollers who are serious about their slot games and serious about hitting big. The coin sizes start at $.10 and the complete options are $.20, $.30, $.50, $.70, $.80, $1.20, $2, $2.50, $3, $4, $7, $12, $16, $20, $25, $40, $50, $70, and an over the top $80. This makes the max bet per spin $240. Not only is this wildly high, this makes License to Spin the must play game that is out now.

The Bonus Features

License to Spin Slots has two wild symbols! Both wild symbols are the two different spies. If you land a spy on the third reel, you'll win two free spins. In these two spins, the spy will move reel to reel until he reaches the first reel. When the spy lands on the first reel, he'll fire at different spaces. This may trigger the Shaken Not Stirred Feature or award you three bonus spins.

The Shaken Not Stirred Feature is one of the most unique bonus rounds where you will be presented with two cocktails. When you make your choice the bartender will reveal your choice. You can take your prize or go for broke and try again!

Two Progressive Jackpots

There are two progressive jackpots in License to Spin slots: the Cash Grab Slots jackpot and the Super Slots Jackpot. Both jackpots are awarded randomly while the former usually pays out anywhere between $2500 and 5000, the latter pays out often upwards of $45,000!

Licence to Spin Slots is a Class Act

Licence to Spin Slots is one of the greatest slot games you will play this year. The game has great graphics, a fresh and fun spy theme, and amazing potential to payout huge jackpots. In a world of simple games, Arrow's Edge brings in a real showstopper of a slot game. Don't miss your chance to live the spy life.

If you enjoy spy movies, especially the James Bond variety, then you'll definitely want to check out License to Spin slots. This 3-reel, 3-payline game is named after the film License to Kill, where Bond chases drug lord Franz Sanchez following the murder of his CIA friend Felix Leiter.

Despite the name, License to Spin is more of an overall take on Bond films, complete with martinis, eye patch-wearing villains, and luxury cars. Does this combine to create a fun slots experience? Find out as we look at this Arrows Edge game's symbols, betting, bonus features, and offer our final opinion.

Symbols and Theme

Symbols include: the British spy (wild), woman w/ martini, villain w/ eye patch, solider villain, Aston Martin, boat, silenced pistol, martini, and four different card suits.

The villain with the eye patch is reminiscent of Emilio Largo, who appeared in the Bond movies Never Say Never Again and Thunderball. The soldier and woman aren't very descriptive and could represent any number of Bond characters.

The best aspect of License to Spin is the great job Arrows Edge has done at creating the theme. You'll hear swanky spy music, view London in the background, and see the British spy off to the side pulling out his pistol or martini glass. Thanks to the 3x3 grid, you also get a closer view of the symbols than you'd see with a 5-reel slot.

Betting Options

The paylines are fixed at 3, but you can change your total bet from $0.30 to $240.00 per spin. We aren't thrilled with the $0.30 minimum to play 3 paylines, but the cost is worth it for spy-movie fans.

Other options include the ability to use autoplay (5-50 spins), change the game speed (normal to fast), and mute the volume and/or sound effects.

License to Spin Special Features and Bonuses

Besides the atmosphere, another thing to love about License to Spin is its features. The key to all of the bonuses is the British Spy, who gives you free re-spins when he lands on reel 3.

He also becomes a "walking wild," moving to reel 2 to give you a free re-spin, then moving to reel 1 to deliver one more re-spin. After the second re-spin, he shoots at the reels. A successful hit earns you another 3 re-spins; an unsuccessful shot takes you to the Shaken Not Stirred bonus.

Regarding the latter, the spy parachutes from the top of the screen onto a rooftop, where the woman is holding two martinis. You select one to reveal a prize, and, if you're not satisfied, you can select one more time to try for a better payout.

If you land 3 more re-spins, the spy wild symbol moves to the right each time and changes positions on reels 2 and 3.

Final Thoughts on License to Spin Slots

Available on smartphones and tablets, License to Spin slots is a must-play game for anybody who likes the Bond franchise - or just spy movies in general. It all starts with the music, graphics, and characters, which, although generic, do a good job of representing the overall feeling of a Bond film.

The features in this game are also very good, ranging from the British spy walking wild to the Shaken Not Stirred bonus. This slot may not be a licensed Bond replica, but it has all of the movie-magic elements to remind you of 007.