Trojan Treasure Slots

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video, 5-reel
Ancient Greece

Some legends never die, and certainly not the legend of the Trojan horse in "Trojan Treasure Slots."

About Trojan Treasure Slots

The mark is true with "Trojan Treasure Slots," a 5 reel, video slot with nine legendary pay lines. The theme of this game is dedicated to the story of The Trojan War, and the symbols reflect that. The symbols include Helen Of Troy, the reason for the war, the Trojan treasure symbols, green, orange, and blue, Greek Warriors, a war helmet, an urn, a shield, and the playing card numbers, aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens and nines. This slot comes with a top jackpot of 3,500 coins. To win this, players will need to land five of the Green Warrior Symbols. The second highest amount is 2,000 coins, and this can be won if you land five helmets on the pay line.

General wins are determined by matching three of a kind. Wins are based on the left of the reel, to the right. The wild symbols in this game are the three Trojan treasure symbols. These three symbols will replace all other symbols except for the Helen Of Troy. Landing one of these symbols means that winning combinations are doubled. These symbols only land on the second, third and fourth reels. The scatter symbol is represented by the Trojan Horse which will land anywhere. The more you land on the reels, the greater the winning combination.

About The Bonus Round

The battle rages on in the bonus round. To commence this epic battle, you will need to land one of the tree Trojan treasure symbols as well as lovely, Helen Of Troy who only appears on the first and fifth reels. If this feat is accomplished, your wins will increase 6 times. And if the Greek Gods are truly smiling on you by landing all three of the Trojan treasure symbols along with Helen, then your bold wager will be reaped upon 250 times. If you're ready to battle for glory and honor, then all you need is a penny to begin your quest. The maximum bet per epic spin, is $9. Feel free to place bets yourself, or have them setup in a sequence through auto play. There is a menu button to help adjust game settings as well as a help button that breaks down all winning combinations and their respective amounts. "Trojan Treasure" can be battled out at many online casinos. Play it instantly online on your computer, or right in the palm of your hand on your preferred mobile device. The choice is yours.