Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

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3D, bonus, 5-reel

The process of making good and bad decisions is often depicted by choosing between an angel or devil on your shoulder. Good Girl Bad Girl slots creates this same situation, by having you pick between an angelic or demonic woman.

This isn't just an arbitrary choice either, because it determines the volatility and how you form wins. Keep reading to find out more about this unique feature along with everything else offered in Good Girl Bad Girl slots.

Choose the Light or Dark Side

The graphics are the first thing that stand out about this slot. You'll see a detailed heavenly scene on the left side, and an equally impressive purgatory scene on the right side. You'll also notice an angel and demon representing each realm.

You can choose whether to align with the light or dark side via a meter at the bottom. Turning the meter to the left puts you on the good girl's side, where you form payouts from left to right and experience low volatility. You'll also play for smaller prizes in this mode.

Moving the meter to the right sees you form prizes from right to left and experience high volatility. You'll collect larger prizes to trade off for the higher volatility. You can also select an in-between option, where the volatility and payout sizes are medium.

Symbols include the angel, demon, good cat, bad cat, halo, pitchfork, money wheel, and royals (A through 10). The angel and demonic woman pay the most, each offering 360 coins for five symbols.

Good Girl Bad Girl Special Features - Multipliers, Click Me & Money Wheel

The pitchfork and halo are both wild symbols. They also offer multipliers whenever appearing in a win. The halo multiplies wins by 2x, while the pitchfork can multiply wins from 1x-4x.

Getting the halo and pitchfork side by side launches a click-me feature. The click-me bonus allows you to pick from the presents to reveal your prize.

Landing three or money wheel scatters triggers the Money Wheel bonus round. You'll play the Good Money Wheel if you're aligned with the angel, while you'll spin the Bad Money Wheel when on the she-devil's side. Each wheel offers a progressive jackpot, with the Bad Money Wheel featuring the biggest prize.

One more feature includes the double-up option. Selecting double-up after a winning payout takes you up into the sky, where you guess if a coin will land on the good or bad side.

Betting & Game Options

Good Girl Bad Girl is a 5-reel, 15-payline game that lets you put 1-5 coins on each line. You can also change your coin size from $0.01 to $1.00. This makes the minimum bet worth one cent and the max wager worth $75 per spin. You can also use an autoplay option, which lets you spin the reels for anywhere from 5 to 100 straight rounds.

Other options including the ability to enable/disable background music, sound effects, turbo play, and graphics quality. These features allow you to customize the game to your liking.

Good Girl Bad Girl RTP & Volatility

The RTP for Good Girl Bad Girl is 97.80%. This is outstanding payback when considering that the average RTP for online slots ranges from 95% to 96%.

One thing that's truly unique about Good Girl Bad Girl is how you can control the volatility. Choose the light side if you want low volatility (frequent/lower payouts), or the dark side for high volatility (less frequent/high payouts).

Everything is Good with Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

This is one of the top online slots that we've ever played. Good Girl Bad Girl has everything you could ask for, including good graphics, a fun theme, unique features, and high RTP.

The graphics do a great job of creating the dynamic between the angel and demon. Not only are these beauties brought to life through Betsoft's 3D graphics, but their backgrounds also perfectly exemplify what they're about.

We love how you can actually interact with the theme. Choosing to be good or bad has an effect on both volatility and how your wins are formed.

The features include multipliers, click me, money wheels, and a double-up option. These combine to give you many different ways to form bonus payouts.

Good Girl Bad Girl's RTP is among the best in online gaming. The 97.8% payback consistently ranks towards the top of all online slots. In summary, you should definitely give this slot a try if you haven't done so already. It has all the traits of what a great game should be.