Pixiu Slots: Free Spins and Bonus Features

Pixiu is an all-new Asian-themed slot game that's available at many online casinos today. While it's squeezing into a crowded genre of slot games, it manages to stand on its own as a truly rewarding slot game to play because it's dynamic, it's exciting and it looks really nice. The game is well-known for beautiful animations and for having some pretty exciting features as well.

Unique Symbol Animations

The main thing that makes this slot game special is all the special symbols that perform specific tasks. The Firebird symbol shoots out flames through its wings. The Green Dragon has an animated mane that clearly blows in the breeze. The Red Dragon turns its head and opens up its mouth. The Eagle flies around in the air and shows off billowing feathers. Overall these animations give the game a sense of life and make it more enjoyable to play for sure.

The Leveling Feature

As you play Pixiu you'll actually level up to higher levels. The first 25 spins are at level 1, then the next 25 are at level 2 and the trend continues up to level 4. Each level that you go up you'll enjoy larger payouts. Get to the top level for a chance at the very best prizes that this cool slot game has to offer, a very unique feature that you won't find on too many other slots.

Bonus Features

Pixiu offers special bonus features that are all triggered by the gold coin symbols. Get three of them on the reels and you can choose a coin that will either get you a set payout, entry into the special bonus round or a set of free spins. Each of these rewards is pretty lucrative, but the bonus round is a lot of fun and gives you a chance to pick your way to impressive rewards.

Additional Arrow Edge Slots

Pixiu is just one of the recent Arrow Edge slot games to be released and there are some other impressive offerings with exciting features as well. If you're interested in other cool slots like this one, Spin Slots Zimba, Time Bender Slots and Around the World Slots are additional cool games worth trying. They are home to some very cool features that make playing them unlike the traditional slot experience.

Slot games are becoming more advanced over time, and that makes them more exciting and worth playing. Try out some of the new slot options to get an idea of what you are missing.